Turning Tools

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An Overview Of Turning Tools
Turning uses a non-rotating and a fixed cutter since the tool spins in turning. Turning tools consist of a replaceable insert in a turning tool body. The insert is dutiable in various ways, including coating, geometry, material, and shape.

The material is mainly carbide, though diamond and cermet can be applied to the most demanding applications. With turning tools, a variety of protective coatings are applied to help insert materials cut faster and last longer.

The process of sharpening turning tools
Turning is the process of using a lathe to remove material from the outer diameter of a rotating work piece. The single-point tools shear the metal from the work piece into distinct, short, recyclable chips.

The earlier versions of turning tools were rectangular, solid pieces of steel with clearance and rake angles at one end. After the tool is dulled, machinists sharpen it on a grinder for reuse. On older machines, high-speed steel tools were used. But in a brazed single point form, carbide has become popular. Carbide offers superior hardness and better resistance, leading to longer tool life and higher productivity. Although it is expensive a reasonable degree of expertise is necessary to sharpen it.

Feeds and rates
Turning is a combination of work piece (rotational) and linear (tool) movement. The definition of cutting speed is the rotational distance recorded as square metres per minute. This is the distance travelled in one minute by a point on the surface. Speed is sometimes expressed as the linear distance that the tool covers in a single minute.

Depending upon the operation's purpose, feed rates tend to vary. For example, in roughing, top-notch turning tools are superior for maximising metal removal rates. Experts like Vega Tools will guide you through the process in detail providing valuable inputs.

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