PCD Reamers

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of PCD Reamers, Cutting Tools, Cutters from Pune, Maharashtra, India

The PCD Reamers available at us have gone through various testing levels to offer you the best quality. We make use of all our expertise and experience along with the advance technology you meet all the demands of our customers. Our reamers come with diameter tolerance for the holes, roundness, surface roughness, cylindricity, and concentricity. You can even expect the reamers with the best quality control. You can find different options with us including holder integrated or chip breaker and process integrated one. Both are in high demand, and you can choose any based on your requirements.

You may use the PCD reamers from us and even integrate it with the stepped shape. Also, they can be used in multi-level drilling tasks in just one shot. These products will ensure the best machining along with water soluble cutting in dry and semi dry environments. In addition, they will also produce a cutting speed that is more than 300m per minute. At Vega Tools, we promise you to offer the best quality of PCD reamers. You may use them in purposes such as resin molded parts, spectacle lenses, engine valve guide holes, aluminum parts in automobiles, and also in aluminum die cast alloys.

Irrespective of the kind of PCD reamers you are looking for, based on a unique shape, size, or pattern, you can find them with us. In case we don’t have them, we shall customize the products to suit your requirements. Our staff will help you out in picking the right PCD reamers based on the applications. You can feel free to contact us and understand more about the specifications of the products. We shall be looking forward to help you our with the best. Also, you need not worry about the quality, price, and performance with Vega Tools.

Vega Tools which is establish in the year 2008 under ownership of Mr. Limbraj Telge. The company is growing organically year by year and having planned to serve larger customer segment with wider product range. Also have good customer base and working with many OEM customer throughout India. Many projects had been successfully proven under his guidance in project execution.

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