Circular Form Tools

"We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Circular Form Tools, Cutting Tools from Pune, Maharashtra, India

By the name, it can easily be understood that these tools are circular and disc types in shape. Circular form tools are mainly used for clearing out the materials in larger amounts. The size of these tools vary from 30 to 150 mm in diameter and they are clammed up on the cross side of a single spindle automatic bar machine. In these tools, you can always see that the axis of the tool is being placed above the actual workpiece because this helps to give front clearance and permission to cutting operation. The cutting side of the tool is always placed in line with the horizontal axis of the workpiece.

Our Vega range of Circular form tools will never lose its form in its entire work life and they also age very well and that is why our products are best suited for both mass production and as well as for small as well.

Our Company, Vega Tools is not only specialized in the production of circular form tools but also we have a wide variety of industrial-based tools which are best in class and also will give you top-notch performance and budget-friendly prices as well.

All our products are made from superior quality materials to give you unmatched performance and along with this we also give the best warranty facilities for each of our products. That is why after buying any of our tools from our wide variety you can absolutely rest assured about that product and it is our guarantee to our each and every special customer because for us customer satisfaction is the foremost important thing to achieve.

You can feel free to email us for any quarry or concern or you can visit our website and also you can call us, we are always happy to help you.

Vega Tools which is establish in the year 2008 under ownership of Mr. Limbraj Telge. The company is growing organically year by year and having planned to serve larger customer segment with wider product range. Also have good customer base and working with many OEM customer throughout India. Many projects had been successfully proven under his guidance in project execution.

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