Solid Carbide Lugged Tools

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Solid Carbide Lugged Tools, Cutting Tools, Cutters from Pune, Maharashtra, India

Our company, Vega Tools manufacture some of the best solid carbide lugged tools in the whole industry. Carbide tools are mainly used in cutting edges. Brazed tools in general are quite cheaper than carbide tools. But in many scenarios, the demand for greater toughness of cutting tools are very much required and in these scenarios, carbide lugged tools are the best. These tools are not that difficult to manufacture but fineness and performance which matter and here our company excels.

    There are various carbide lugged tools that are available but we are specialized in
  • Carbide tip brazed rummer
  • Brazed step with carbide tip/ combination reamer
  • T-slot cutter with carbide tip
  • Milling cutters with carbide tip
  • Port cutters with carbide tip also
  • Shell cutters with carbide tip
  • Lugged drills made from solid carbide
These are some of the solid carbide tools that we manufacture. Apart from we also produce various other solid carbide tools also. But to know about the details of each of our products you can visit our website.

All tools that we manufacture chrome with extreme fineness and with optimum performance. If you buy any of our tools, you can rest assured about the quality, the age of the product and the performance that you will get.

There is a reason behind our excellence, the reason is, every product that we sell in the open market comes after passing through our numerous tests in our R&D lab.

We just not only sell products but also we give the same value and help that you needed after purchasing any tool and that is why we are quite famous for our after sell service in the industry. We also import our tools as well in various countries all around the world. For any assistance, email us or call us. We are always here to help you.

Vega Tools which is lay out in the year 2008 under responsibility for. Mr. Limbraj Telge. A group chief and a technocrat with a demonstrated history and effectively dealing with the organization for most recent 10 years. He is having 10+ years experience in plan, assembling and use of the elite presentation cutting apparatuses.

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Solid Carbide Lugged Tools